PowerPlot Pro

PowerPlot Pro gives you a live view and min averages as well as  two hourly, daily, monthly and yearly usage graphs.

It also display the Cost Of Power being used and statistics .

PowerPlot Pro runs on a Windows platform and currently supports the WattsClever 4003.

We are also open to suggestions for additional features for future updates.

To Purchase PowerPlot Pro,

Click on "Buy Now" below.

On completion of your transaction, please email your serial number to totalsource@totalsource.co.nz

The serial number can be found on the "Registration" screen.

The registration process is not automated.

We will send you, by return email the activation codes to enter into the same screen.

Please allow 48 hours for this to take place as were not always on the computer waiting for e-Mails to arrive.. (Smile)

When you download PowerPlot you will get 30 days to trial it in PRO mode before it reverts back to the FREE version.

*** For only us$25 ***

======> Current Release v1.2.3 <======

I've added the ability in 1.2.3 to add, subtract or simply display the phase totals to the "Watts Now" total that is displayed. This allow people who generate thier own power to show power used minus power generated.

================ The Future ================

I've been waiting for a 4009 to be delivered to me so I can add support for this new device.

The ENVI-R is now available in New Zealand.

So if you use a ENVI-R or thinking of using one and would like PowerPlot Pro to support it, let me know via email.

=============== General Help ===============

Some of you are having trouble getting your drivers to work.

Below are links to the drivers I use on my win7 and 2008 server computers that work fine.

Also available is the Terminal program the meter company supply so you can make sure the data is coming from the unit correctly.

Another reported problem are users trying to read from the power meter with more than one application. Only one application can read from the power meter at one time unless you have special serial sharing software installed that creates a virtual port off the original one.

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